SUSTAIN by Charlie Brouwer; Willis, VA

Charlie Brouwer taught art for 33 years, all the while being an active exhibiting artist. Since he quit teaching in 2008 he has been working full time as an artist. His home and studio are in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd County, VA and he has a sculpture trail on the nine acres of land surrounding it. He has been increasingly turning the focus of my work towards public and community engagement art.

“Atlas, in Greek Mythology, held up the planet Uranus (although there is a popular misconception that he held up the earth). To me Atlas is an image of eternal human duty and destiny to uphold, support and take care of things. A leaf is a good symbol of nature so I gave this guy a big one to symbolize the important role we all have in taking care of our natural home. All my outdoor figures are made of locust wood in a combination of natural limbs and sawn boards – a reminder that we are part nature and part our own invention.”

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