Rising Puzzle by Jacob Smith; Roanoke, VA

Jacob Smith is Art Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Art at Ferrum College, where he teaches a variety of courses.   He previously taught art courses at Virginia Western Community College, The George Washington University and The Guy Mason Center in Washington DC.

As the former Director of Art at 4DD Studios, Jacob managed the creation of monumental sculptures and exhibits that now reside in museums, parks, boardrooms, and government centers nationwide. His training includes a broad range of media and techniques including 2D and 3D digital media, sculpture, photography, painting and much more.

“Recently I became very interested in games we played as children. As a child I would sit outside and put together puzzles on my grandfather’s patio. Sometimes the wind would whip the puzzle and pieces would go flying through the air. I always enjoyed the way the linked pieces would rise up and twist but rarely dislodge from each other. Each piece did its part in holding the other in the face of the wind. Even at that young age I recognized the metaphor for community, Puzzles can be simple or complex, large or small, but they all require multiple pieces filling together to function.”


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