Rawrenok (Wooden Sculpture from Elmwood Trees) by Anthony Heinz May; Roanoke, VA

As a native West Coast Oregonian and emerging New York artist my aims are to expose technological chicanery and promote eco-pedagogy and eco-psychology; to re-signify human influence on nature and natural processes. Surrounded by nature from an early age I began looking at the world through a natural lens that has become obscured by the omnipresent grid. In the reconstruction of natural forms, my artistic attempts are to re-signify relationships between the human made and natural worlds.

“My outdoor, site-specific sculptural work uses recycled tree waste local to its area through a spectral reintegration of natural material in homage to its existence. Through physical replacement of fragmented cubes of tree placed back into their original place that eventually extends, dissolves, or expands out into space, the sculpture resembles a digitized glitch of nature. Time as recorded by growth of the tree is spliced and rearranged, exposing an abstraction of its original form through gridded sieving. In a process I refer to as pixelated fragmentation, the tree is left looking unnaturally disjoined as if at the hand of some technological wind gust.”



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