Leaf by Dan Kuehl; Roanoke, VA

Dan Kuehl is a Roanoke art teacher at Breckinridge Middle School. He was the 2013 Roanoke City Teacher of the Year. He created an outdoor sculpture for the Williamson Rd. Library with his students. Outside of the classroom he enjoys creating paintings and sculptures!

“Leaf is about nature and its connectedness to the city landscape and to its people. The bold leaf stands as an obvious symbol of nature. However, as you stand in front of the leaf, the numerous mirrors embedded into the holes in the leaf will reflect the viewer with the backdrop of Elmwood Park. …As the viewer moves around the leaf, colors appear in place of the mirrored reflection. Roanoke is a diverse and thriving city, and like the colors revealed in the sculpture, our colors swirl together in unity and beauty.”


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